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Powered Vehicle and Forklift Dock for xTablet T8650

Powered Vehicle and Forklift Dock for xTablet T8650

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Compatible with xTablet T8650

Increase production and avoid downtime with the safe and secure mounting solution that supplies continuous, reliable power to MobileDemand rugged xTablet T8650 throughout the workday. The Powered Dock’s solid construction from rugged materials enable it to withstand the constant vibrations common to life on a forklift or the road. An array of ports allow the connection of a wide range of peripherals, including keyboards, barcode scanners, GPS, printers and popular serial port-based devices.

Available ports:

  • USB 3.0 (2)
  • RS232 Serial Ports (2) One port powered on pin 9 
  • Audio - Speaker and Mic
  • Video Graphics Array - VGA (1)
  • Ethernet RJ45 (1)
  • DisplayPort (1)
  • HDMI (1)
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